4 best tips for soccer betting

Legally speaking, soccer betting falls under the category of games of chance. This makes it sound like pure gamble when you bet on a soccer match. That, of course, is far from the truth. This is because a strategic approach increases your odds of winning and allows you to get the most out of your soccer betting. Wondering how to do this? These 8 tips will help you take the first step towards a successful life as a soccer bettor!

Studying Statistics: Making it a Regular Ritual

You must have been an avid soccer fan for many years. During that time you have undoubtedly acquired the knowledge you need for a variety of leagues, clubs, players and everything else that makes football exciting. But now you know everything and you shouldn’t think that your football knowledge is enough to bet in turn. Even bookmakers (with quite a bit of football knowledge at home) don’t rely purely on their expertise.

It is wise to use the same tactics as the bookmaker when placing bets. That means you have to look at the match stats and keep a close eye on the football news. Only then is it time to estimate probabilities and evaluate probabilities for risk. Every game starts with the same ritual of studying statistics. And yes, if you normally bet your money on matches like Juventus or Bayern Munich, for example. There is no guarantee that a good match for Juventus in the previous round will lead to another surprising win next week. Thorough preparation may lead you in a certain direction. It can be seen that Juventus have scored few goals in recent years against the club they visit this weekend.

Compare quotes: simple but effective

While preparing your soccer bets, you naturally look at the odds with an oblique eye. In the end, if you want to take the risk of a bet, you have to be worth your potential win. But are you happy with what the first bookmakers have to offer, or do you take a smarter approach?

There are many factors to consider when betting on football. It analyzes statistics, keeps a close eye on the latest sports news, and always gives a good rating amongst the different betting options. After such careful preparation, it would be a shame to forget that almost all bookmakers offer different odds. So comparing rounds is a good idea anyway. As soon as you start looking for a new bookmaker, the comparison begins. Think about the league or betting option you are interested in and see how high the odds are in a few matches. This way you can see that one online betting office has a slightly higher standard than another. The difference isn’t that big, but after a few bets the extra profits start to add up. By the way, if you plan to be really active in soccer betting, we recommend creating a player account with two or three bookmakers. This will give you the highest possible return on any football match.

Finding Value Using Probability

Take a look at the long list of soccer betting and you’ll see the most varied odds go by. At best, it seems much more interesting to place a bet on a bet on a quadruple than on a bet on a double bet. But you don’t really have to. From a relative standpoint, a bet with odds of 2.00 can be significantly more profitable than a bet with odds of 4.00. How is that possible? It is a matter of balancing risk against profit. That said, welcome to the world of probability calculations!

By the time you graduate from high school, you may have thought you were left with possibilities. Nevertheless, your mathematical knowledge will come in handy when you start betting on football. You can find the value with the help of probability. This means that the probability is higher than expected based on statistics. Let’s say you focus on the match between FC Groningen and PSV’s Eredivisie. FC Groningen wins with odds 3.12 and PSV of 2.22. So, the people of Eindhoven like it a little bit. With odds, you will find that it is wiser to invest your money in Groningen than PSV. This calculation starts with estimating the probability of winning. If we assign FC Groningen a win rate of 35%, our calculations give us a probability of (100/35 =) 2.85. The bookmaker has found value in this bet since it bet on 3.12.

Use Combi Betting to Increase Your Odds

Value betting requires the necessary betting experience. Still not ready to accurately predict the odds of success in your bets? Then take a look at Combi Betting.

Combi betting (or combined betting) is a simple way to increase your odds. When you link multiple bets together on a bet slip, the bookmaker increases the odds. It’s not just because the probabilities are multiplied. 3 bets with values ​​of 1.50, 1.82 and 2.00 already lead to odds of 5.46. With 메이저사이트 , your profits will increase instantly and quickly! However, there are pitfalls because you have to get everything right before you win the combi bet. Because of this rule, we recommend that you choose your soccer bets carefully. It is best to choose a bet that has a relatively high probability of winning. There is a minimum chance of 50% with a maximum chance of 2.00. Also, don’t add too many bets to your combo bet. This gives you some control over your combined bets.

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